Car and Truck Batteries

Deka Batteries

Power & Selection

When it comes to free services, nobody has you covered like United Battery. We offer free battery charging and testing so you can make sure your battery needs replacing. If you do require a new one, we’ll help you find the right battery for your vehicle and install it for free (in most cases).

AGM Batteries

Features & Benefits

  • Premium maintenance-free starting and cycle service power
  • 20x more vibration protection* safeguards battery performance over time
  • Faster recharge powers more electronics longer
  • Spillproof design provides added protection for sophisticated electronics equipment
  • 2x the cycle life* extends performance and life

Compared to conventional batteries*

Flooded Batteries

The technology behind today’s vehicles is changing faster than anyone could have ever imagined. A long with these new vehicle designs comes the need for batteries that are made better than ever. Today’s flooded batteries are being called upon to not just deliver power, but to deliver the right power solution.

Features & Benefits

All Weather Starting Protection

  • High cranking power ensures dependable starts in cold weather.
  • Reinforced internal components resist the corrosion acceleration of higher temperature conditions.

Heavy-Duty Power-Performance Plates

  • Full frame + and – plates prevents life robbing electrical shorts from exposed wirer
  • Longer life in temperature extremes
  • Withstands severe service demands
  • Maximizes power and energy storage capacity